And the next Iron Chef is…

12 11 2007

Chef Michael Symon!

Click here to learn more about Chef Symon

I didn’t watch most of the episodes and never really got to see how and who were eliminated first because I thought the show was a bit dry. Then again I think it’s just me who thought so. I didn’t want to sit through all the episodes on Sunday when Food Network played an entire Marathon of “The next Iron Chef” and just waited until the actual final elimination. Since the begining I always thought Chef Michael Symon was going to win this, he has always executed his food beautifuly since the start of the show. And he has this more laid back personality to him which I think the judges loved. I was really happy to see him win the Next Iron Chef match because I think he would bring some flare into the Iron Chef stage.

Eliminated during the first five episodes of the six-week series were fellow CIA graduate Jill Davie ’96, Chris Cosentino, Traci Des Jardins, Gavin Kaysen, Morou Ouattara, and Aaron Sanchez. Symon, 38, is the executive chef/owner of Lola and Lolita restaurants in Cleveland. He will join Cora, Flay and Morimoto as an Iron Chef on “Iron Chef America.”


I also found out, or it might be a Food Network rumor that Chef Mario Batalli may not return on the shows future episodes which I’m really upset about because He is one of my favorite Iron Chefs along with Chef Morimoto, one of the original Iron Chef in Japan.

Now I can’t wait to watch Chef Symon’s matches in the show, I’m sure he’ll bring a new twist to the show’s already eclectic line-up of Chefs.

To learn more about the show and learn more about these masters of cooking, go to




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21 11 2007
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